Enriching Main Street for Future Generations

Main Street is the heart of our community and local businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. Our main corridor acts as a window to our stunning valley, and our Main Street should be just as welcoming as our sprawling North Fields and beatific mountain views.

The Community Alliance for Main Street, or CAMS, has made it it’s mission to restore and improve our beloved historic Main Street for our current residents and future generations. CAMS is dedicated to enhancing the unique character of our most visible corridor, all while supporting the local businesses that depend upon the accessibility and charm of downtown. 

Our History and Achievements

CAMS, established as a non-profit organization in 2003, originally acted as an advocate for improving Heber’s Main Street. Before losing state grants and city funding due to the great recession of 2008, CAMS invested in updating street posts, garbage cans and benches, and helped create design standards for Main Street businesses.

Heber City’s economy is again thriving and it’s time to refocus efforts to bring out the best in our city and revitalize Main Street.

In 2018, Mayor Kellen Potter and the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce partnered in the organization of a Main Street beautification committee. A wave of volunteers got their hands dirty for the committee’s first project, planting fresh flowers along Main Street, and their enthusiasm and breathtaking results breathed life back into the dormant CAMS organization.

CAMS Revamped and Focused on the Future

The CAMS group, which now includes the Main Street beautification committee, is comprised of various local officials and business leaders who are fully focused on future improvements throughout Heber.

In 2019 and beyond, CAMS will continue to build out the attractive wayfinding signs that were installed in 2018 throughout the city and will focus on determining key locations for large murals that celebrate the rural character of Wasatch County.

Looking to the revitalization of Main Street, the CAMS group is working to establish a historic downtown district that embraces historical preservation with a nod to modern design.

Recognizing that beautification efforts are just the first step, CAMS is dedicated to improving parking options and addressing traffic issues, while creating convenient gathering spaces and cleaning up our streets.

CAMS will also provide guidance to local business owners, offering advice and maintaining open lines of communication about future projects, guidelines and improvements. Our goal is to work together to create a vibrant, beautiful and more prosperous Main Street.

Speak Up, Get Involved

CAMS is committed to helping our community leaders plan for the future. Reaching our goal of an improved Main Street experience for our community members, business owners and visitors relies on community input, cooperation and service.

So, reach out! We would love to hear your ideas and appreciate your support. We look forward to investing in Heber City’s future with you.

Meet the Executive Committee

CAMS is a non-profit organization lead by local officials and business leaders. The committee is happy to discuss any ideas you may have or answer questions about future projects. Please feel free to contact our members.

"...we are poised to elevate the experience for all who visit Main Street."

~Tom Stone, CAMS chairperson

Tom Stone


Ryan Bunnell


Jeff Bradshaw

Committee member

Kellen Potter

Committee Member

Ryan Starks

Committee member

Matt Brower

ex officio memeber

April Estel

Executive Secretary